Monday, October 12, 2020

Margaret recommends "The Lilac Girls"



Lilac Girls is inspired by the life of Caroline Ferriday, a New York Socialite. After Hitler invades Poland in 1939 and then heads to invade France, Caroline begins to help orphans but also soon discovers the atrocities of the concentration camps. She hears of the Ravensbrück camp that was specifically built for women where horrible experiments were performed by Dr. Herta Oberheuser on selected women. These women later became known as “The Rabbits.” Lilac Girls highlights the lives of these brave women during WWII but also continues to give voice to their story of what happened after the war.  The story will inspire you to know more about these women that history has forgotten.  Visit the author’s website to learn about her inspiration to write this novel.

Adult/ Historical Fiction


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