Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lisa recommends "Yummy Yellow"

One of my current favorite children’s authors also writes awesome kids’ music.  If you have ever read the Pete the Cat books by Eric Litwin (aka Mr. Eric), then you will want to check out his musical side in cds by The Learning Groove, including Yummy Yellow.  Many of their songs are based on classical music themes with fun words and actions.  Kids, especially the PreK set, will have a lot of fun stomping like monsters, tickling their parents, and learning the (super silly) tango.  Parents will be able to enjoy this music too.

If you like Yummy Yellow, you will also want to check out Groovy Green, Bouncy Blue, Outrageous Orange, and Rockin’ Red!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sarah Recommends "An Invisible Thread"

An Invisible Thread
I picked up this book after hearing the author speak at the Michigan Library Association conference last month.  It is the true story of a woman who befriended a nearly homeless boy in Manhattan in the 1980s and their life-long relationship.  The book is poignant and heartwarming without crossing the line into cheesy (much). 

Recommended for Adults and Teens.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Anne recommends "The Language of Flowers"

After a tragic childhood in foster care, 18 year-old Victoria finds herself trying to survive on her own on the San Francisco streets.  Her extensive knowledge of flowers pulls her to a florist’s shop where she can begin a new life but eventually must confront her past.  Readers will get wrapped into Victoria’s highs and lows as well as learn about the subtle meanings behind the flowers that Victoria uses to communicate with others.

Recommended for Adult and Young Adult Readers

Marilena recommends "The fiddler on Pantico Run : an African Warrior, his White descendants, a search for family"

This book reads like a historical novel including poetic descriptions, mystery and colonial intrigue.  Half way through, the reader might think the protagonist/author has gone as far as he can in his search, but turn the page and a new adventure begins.  For adults, especially those who enjoy genealogical research and early American history.