Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kara recommends "Bugs by the Numbers"

This is a very informative and interesting book full of facts about a variety of bugs! The illustrations are my favorite part. While it is geared towards children it can be enjoyed by all ages.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jamie recommends "The Good Wife"

Cover image

Tired of the endless reality shows that seem to populate television over the summer, I decided to try to catch up with a show that is currently airing on TV. I decided to try The Good Wife. I had tried to get into the show when it initially started airing, but I didn’t feel hooked and quickly gave up. I decided that liked all the actors and actresses well enough to give it another try and I’m glad I did. Juliana Margulies plays Alicia Florrick, the wronged wife of a Chicago politician. The first season shows Alicia throwing herself back into being a lawyer at the firm of her old friend Will Gardner. Alicia has now become the rock of the family where she must be a mother and full-time lawyer competing with other associates to get a coveted permanent position at the firm. The cases are interesting and towards the end of the season things really start firing on all cylinders that lay the groundwork for the next season. I’m looking forward to catching up with season two once it is released on DVD, but for now, this was an enjoyable summer diversion from reality TV.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Colette recommends "The Berrybender Narratives" by Larry McMurtry

A tetralogy by western author, Larry McMurtry [The Sin Killer; The Wandering Hill; By Sorrow’s River and Folly and Glory] based on the adventures of a privileged and outrageous British family travelling through the American West in the 1830s. The rivers – Missouri, Yellowstone, Rio Grande and Brazos create a setting in each novel as the family and their unbelievable entourage join up with the ‘new Americans’ as they hunt and travel and love and endure. Real historical figures are included and the novels are easy to read, gripping and very visual. The characters are unforgettable, larger than life and very very flawed, creating funny, fascinating, gruesome as well as tender moments. It is an incredible journey taken by like characters; English privilege comes up against American necessity creating an epic saga of the west you do not want to miss!

Recommended: adult teen and adult.