Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lisa recommends "The Invention of Hugo Cabret"

This book sat on my desk for three weeks because it seemed a bit intimidating at 533 pages. Then I sat down and got through it in an hour and have been raving about it since! The story is very original and satisfying in itself, but what makes the book phenomenal are the pictures. Brian Selznick is racking up the awards with this one by being a National Book Award finalist and a Quill winner. I would definitely pass this one onto a family wanting to read a book together or an older kid looking for something a bit different (and not scared of size).

Recommended reading level: 5th grade on up

Beth recommends "King of Lies"

Here is a smart, fast-paced thriller packing an emotional punch. "Work" Pickens is a small-town lawyer who cares more about his pro-bono defense cases than about making money, placing him at odds with the questionable ethics of his nasty lawyer-father. No surprise when dad ends up murdered; and the police put Work and his sister at the top of their list of suspects. I recommend this to fans of Harlan Coben; and a sequel - Down River - just arrived!

Age level: adult

Phil recommends "The Glass Castle: a memoir "

This is a remarkable true story of an unconventional childhood spent wandering from town to town across the U.S. Jeannette Walls's parents were chronically unemployed, her father was rarely sober, but the family experienced many wild adventures together. This was my favorite read of 2007.

This memoir is appropriate for adult readers.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Jamie recommends "Austenland"

If you are a fan of Jane Austen characters, particularly Mr. Darcy, then this is the book for you. Shannon Hale has written a wonderful book about what happens when a 21st century woman falls into Jane Austens English countryside for a pre-paid luxury vacation complete with its own Mr. Darcy. The book is definitely whimsical, but it was a fun, fast read, which I was sorry to see end. If youve ever wondered how a modern woman would fare in the era of Darcy then this is book for you. Suggested age level: adult.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Juliane recommends "Taking the Long Way"

I have surprised myself with how much I like this album. Traditionally, I have not been inclined to listen to country music, but after watching the documentary on the Dixie Chicks, "Stand Up and Sing" I decided to listen to this album. This might be cliché, but I enjoy the folksy sound of the country instruments, such as the twangy fiddle or plucky banjo. The melody, when paired with the thoughtful lyrics makes for a stand-out album.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Juliane recommends "Rise to Rebellion"

This is a really interesting read if you enjoy
historical fiction. The author takes some creative liberties in
describing characters of the era (John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel
Adams) and I liked the fictitious look at their everyday lives during
the tumultuous American Revolution.