Monday, February 12, 2018

Margaret recommends "The Hamilton Affair"

When you think of Alexander Hamilton only a few things probably come to mind.  He is pictured on our $10 bill, was our first Secretary of Treasury, and he died from a duel. But there is more to the story than those facts.  The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs highlights Alexander Hamilton’s many contributions and love of America, the man he was, the true love story with his wife Eliza that survived infidelity, his political friends and foes, and about that fateful duel.  The author also gives insight about the contributions and character of his wife Eliza (Elizabeth Schuyler).  Elizabeth Cobbs, a Texas A&M University history professor, inspires you to learn more about Alexander Hamilton.  You can also check out Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical “Hamilton” on CD and Ron Chernow’s book Alexander Hamilton that inspired the musical and you too will soon become a "Hamilfan."

This book is suitable for adults.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Kathy Recommends "Woman in Window"

Child psychologist Anna Fox … lives out one of the classic films that she loves so well—Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window. In this modern update, the agoraphobic Anna hasn't left her Manhattan townhouse in more than 11 months. When she's not observing the neighbors and photographing them with her digital camera, she's watching movies, playing chess, and counseling other agoraphobics via an online forum. Then her obsession with the new family across the park begins to take over. When Anna witnesses a stabbing in their house, no one believes what she saw is real—and it's entirely possible that Anna shouldn't believe it herself. The secrets of Anna's past and the uncertain present are revealed slowly in genuinely surprising twists. (Publisher’s Weekly)

For those who enjoy psychological thrillers like Girl on a Train, Gone Girl or the Couple Next Door.  This book is creating quite a buzz and is in development at Fox Films.

This title is recommended for adults.