Monday, June 3, 2024

Meghan recommends "Who To Believe"


In the first chapter of Who to Believe, readers learn that the recent murder of a local restaurateur has rocked the small east-coast town of Monreith. By the second chapter, there’s a second murder – maybe more.  The secrets continue to pile up as multiple narrators tell their own portion of the story, shedding light on previous events, moving the investigation and the novel forward. As the Kirkus review states, “the tale unfolds in seven parts, each with its own nuanced first-person-present narrator and unique voice. Every new section delivers a kaleidoscopic turn, reframing all that came before and keeping readers perennially off-kilter.”

Mystery fans will tear through this book, eager to discover what each new character will disclose as we race towards the ending.

Recommended for adults.

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