Saturday, February 3, 2024

Justine recommends the Sheets Trilogy by Brenna Thummler

Brenna Thummler has made a name for herself in the graphic novel scene with her Sheets trilogy.  The books, titled Sheets, Delicates, and Lights respectively, are a middle grade coming-of-age graphic novel series.  They focus on Marjorie Glatt, a practical thirteen-year old in charge of her family's laundromat.  In the first novel, Marjorie discovers that ghosts are real, and they really use sheets as part of their form.  These ghosts, particularly a child ghost named Wendell, are attracted to the laundromat since they can get a good cleaning for affordable prices. Marjorie befriends Wendell and begins to discover more about life, death, and the particulars of ghost culture.

The other two books introduce more characters and plot lines, but a major theme throughout the series is grief.  The series as a whole does a great job tackling this tough topic from many perspectives without making it inaccessible to its targeted age group.  However, I would recommend this series to all ages. The beautiful, unique art style is worth reading them for alone.

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