Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Taryn recommends "Missing Violet"


Mia and Violet are inseparable best friends that do everything together. One day Violet leaves school early because she is sick, but she doesn’t get better. Without her best friend, Mia slips into a gloomy mood that she can’t seem to shake. As Mia’s grief shifts like the colors of the rainbow she wonders if she will ever feel like herself again or if this horrible feeling will last forever. Eventually Mia reaches out to her classmates and she discovers that she is not the only person that misses Violet and remembers what she loved the most about her best friend. Mia and her classmates come together to help Violet’s memory live on.

This book does an amazing job of dealing with the topic of grief in a sensitive and age-appropriate way. This book would make an excellent choice for any adult that wants to approach the child in their life about dealing with their grief in the right way. It is beautifully illustrated and uses the colors of the rainbow to help express the stages of grief that Mia goes through while dealing with the loss of her friend. The recommended age for this book would be early elementary aged children, although it could help caregivers to approach the subject of loss to young children as well.

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