Friday, July 22, 2022

Meghan recommends "The Pretty One"



“From the disability rights advocate and creator of the #DisabledAndCute viral campaign, a thoughtful, inspiring, and charming collection of essays exploring what it means to be black and disabled in a mostly able-bodied white America.”

This July marks the 32nd anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act. That makes the ADA just one year old than Keah Brown - pop culture journalist, disability rights activist, and author of The Pretty One: On life, pop culture, disability, and other reasons to fall in love with me. In The Pretty One Brown discusses her relationships with her twin sister, her disability (cerebral palsy) and herself – honestly revealing that it took her a long time to see herself as cute, and to accept her disability as a full part of herself. Because the book is an essay collection, readers can easily dip in and out rather than read it cover to cover. I particularly recommend the title essay, “The Pretty One” and “You Can’t Cure Me, I Promise, It’s Fine.”

The ADA works to ensure all people with disabilities (like the real people and characters in this list of books and films) have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

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