Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Gretchen recommends "Rachel to the Rescue"


Are you tired of the endless absurdities of the political landscape?  Elinor Lipman has an antidote with her satirical rom-com “Rachel to the Rescue,” replete with all the sensitivities of the current times. Rachel Klein commits the dreaded “Reply All” faux pas in grousing about her job in the White House Office of Records Management. As she is summarily escorted out, she is hit by a speeding car, driven by a woman she discovers is alleged to be the president’s paramour. Needing employment, she accepts an ambiguous job offer to be an assistant to a notorious muckraker with a canon of tawdry tell-all books. Will Rachel take down the president? Meanwhile a serendipitous set-up pairs her with a thoughtful second-generation wine merchant. Rachel’s prospects may be looking up. 

I enjoyed this light and funny read with engaging characters that brought a sense of respite from the reality and craziness of daily headlines.  As always with her novels, I enjoyed the witty tone which is Lipman’s signature style, along with her keen social observations.

This book is suitable for adults.


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