Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Kate B. recommends "No One Goes Alone"

If on a cold winter night you’re in the mood to listen to a ghost story try No One Goes Alone, by popular non-fiction author Erik Larson. Released only on audio and read beautifully by Julian Rhind-Tutt, this mysterious tale is Larson’s first published work of fiction. The story is set in 1905, when new inventions were expanding ideas of human capabilities and contact with “the other side” seemed almost within reach. A group of researchers from the Society for Psychical Research journey to an island in the North Atlantic to investigate strange occurrences at the island’s lone house. They are particularly interested in the disappearance of a whole family who had been vacationing there. As the characters explore all possibilities, natural and paranormal, the house and surrounding landscape seems to respond to their presence. This eerie story will keep you guessing to the end – and beyond!    

No One Goes Alone is best for adults and older teenagers. No swearing, no graphic violence or sexuality, however, some descriptions are frightening and the story is probably a bit complicated for most children.




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