Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Meghan recommends "Cobra Kai"


Looking for a new show to binge?

Cobra Kai is a reboot of “The Karate Kid” that flips the classic ‘80s movie on its head. The show springs viewers forward 25 years to find Johnny as a washed-up, alcoholic handyman and Danny as a successful car dealership owner. Though they haven’t seen each other in years, their rivalry is rekindled when Johnny opens a new Cobra Kai dojo. However, this time Johnny is the underdog, teaching a rag tag bunch of kids who get bullied at school, while Daniel has all the advantages of money and success.

Johnny is pretty rough around the edges, and his teaching style is aggressive and even offensive. But slowly, he discovers his own heart of gold while trying to get his life on track and repair his relationships. This might make the show sound serious but overall it’s quite funny, gently making fun of the tropes it embraces, and all the over-the-top qualities of teen drama.

The actual actors reprise their roles from the 80s, and footage from the movie is woven in making for silly, funny, nostalgic entertainment.

There is language that parents might find objectionable, as well as some mature situations and of course, lots of fighting to resolve problems, so I’d recommend this show for teens and adults.


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Martin Maenza said...

I discovered this show late last year and loved it. Even though I grew up in the 80's, I had never seen the original Karate Kid movies. However, I met William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) at a convention in 2014 and had an amazing conversation with him. After going through these two seasons, I went back and watched the first film of the series. I am so Team Johnny.