Thursday, January 23, 2020

Kate recommends "Love Poems for People with Children"

Love Poems for People with Children

These short, funny poems explore the joys of family life and the challenges of keeping romance alive while raising children. Many parents will relate to author John Kenney’s topics, from flying with a baby to the grocery demands of a 26-year-old who seems to have no intention of ever leaving the family home.

This book is best for adults, as alcohol, marijuana, sex and disgusting baby diapers are all mentioned at some point.

Family Vacation

This is relaxing
I think to myself
on the first day of our vacation
as I hide
in the men’s room
of a Roy Rogers
at a rest stop
just off bumper-to-bumper I-95
while the kids
continue fighting
with tennis racquets
in the back seat.
And only five more hours to go.
I don’t want to leave this place
I whisper aloud.
Neither do I
says the man in the next stall.

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