Thursday, February 14, 2013

Michelle recommends "Gone with the Wind"

Interested in revisiting the South during a time of change and transition? Get comfortable and dive into the classic epic novel Gone with the Wind.  This novel is a full package of love and war, but also a wonderful story of resolve.  Scarlett O’Hara represents the transition South in her own development from her expected role as a traditional Southern women to hardworking business woman.
If Gone with the Wind has a theme it is that of survival.  What makes some people come through catastrophes and others, apparently just as able, strong, brave, go under? It happens in every upheaval.  Some people survive; others don’t. What qualities are in those who fight their way through triumphantly that are lacking in those that go under? I only know that survivors used to call that quality ‘gumption.’ So I wrote about people who at gumption and people who didn’t.
- Margaret Mitchell, 1936 (About the Author)
Recommended for Adults

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