Friday, February 1, 2019

Natalie recommends "The Guardians: Jack Frost The End Becomes the Beginning"

As you may notice by the cover, the image of Jack Frost is similar to his appearance in the DeamWorks animated movie Rise of the Guardians.  Which would make sinjce since he was one of the people who worked this movie (as well as several short films and cartoons), as well as being the one that wrote the children books predeceasing it.  This is the fifth book in a series about the guardians of childhood, the first four centering around Nicholas St. North (Santa Claus), E. Aster Bunnymund (the Easter Bunny), Queen Toothiana (the Tooth Fairy), and Sandman (also known as Sanderson Mansnoozie) in that order.  Along with their friend Kathrine and a few other familiar characters.

This book centers around, as you probably guessed, Jack Frost.  It picks up years after the Guardians battle against Pitch, the king of nightmares, and looks into how Jack Frost became Jack Frost and the life he's been living.  Without giving too much away from the previous four books, he was  a being called Nightlight, who helped the Guardians and was a good friend of Kathrine.  This book highlights his life, memories as Jack Frost, and the plan to stop Pitch for good.

As I previously stated, this is the fifth and final book, so you will want to read those first.  We have books one through three as well as this book.  However, we do not have a copy of book four, Sandman and the War of Dreams, but can be found on MeL.

This is a book that is directed towards kids, but all ages can enjoy this series about these fairy/folktale figures.

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