Friday, August 22, 2008

Jamie recommends "A Prisoner of Birth"

Although this isnt the type of book that I normally read, I thoroughly enjoyed Jeffrey Archers novel A Prisoner of Birth. Full of suspense, it is a book that follows the trial and conviction of Danny Cartwright for the murder of his best friend and future brother-in-law. Funnily enough the book only truly begins once Danny is in jail and he struggles with being imprisoned for a crime he didnt commit. Archer story takes a page from Alexandre Dumas by mirroring the plot of The Count of Monte Cristo, yet he creates wonderful characters and an intriguing plot, which makes you forget that this story is a slight retread of a story youve already heard. A Prisoner of Birth is a quick read because you cant wait to get to the end and see how Archer will resolve his plot to see if the bad guys really get their comeuppance.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kathy recommends "Lottery" by Patricia Wood

Perry Crandall, though not officially "retarded", has an IQ of 76. He lives with his grandmother, the only family member who will acknowledge him. His mother has abandoned him, his brothers instruct him to call them "cousins" and his father is nowhere to be found. But Perry and his grandmother have a happy home. He works in a marina, has loyal friends and is content with his life. When grandma passes away unexpectedly, his birth family shows up, sells the house from under him, and throws him out. He finds a new home with his marina friends and all is well, until the unimaginable happens. He wins $12 million dollars in the lottery, playing the numbers he and grandma used to play before she died. What ensues is a battle royal to gain control over Perry's newfound fortune, with an ending that will warm your heart.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Juliane recommends "Whacked"

I didn't know what to expect from a novel written by Jules Asner (formerly an E! news reporter) but I was pleasantly hooked through much of her work. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy chick lit with a smart, witty edge. The book follows the ups and downs of Dani Hale a television writer in Hollywood who is struggling to find the good guy, gorgeous house, and an enviable career. Asner's novel reveals a lot about Hollywood quirks and obsessions. I especially got a kick out of the characters' references to Steven Soderbergh since Jules Asner is married to Soderbergh. There's not much to the plot of the story, it's more of a voyeuristic escapade for the reader. And I did not predict the ending, which left me a little unsettled and (dare I say) out of whack!