Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Juliane recommends "Nantucket Sisters"

Reading this is like listening to the Beach Boys music on a beautiful summer day – it’s light and fun but has harmonious layers to enjoy as well.  The author, Nancy Thayer is well-known for her Nantucket-themed books, she displays a love for the topography of the island but interjects just enough glitz and glamour into each of her novels.  This story follows the coming of age of two girlfriends on the island, but from different worlds.  Emily Porter lives a rich, privileged life and Maggie McIntrye has more of a scrappy, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps attitude, but they are best friends.  Tensions ebb and flow as the girls mature and their stations in life pull them in different directions, but the island serves as a touch point for both of them.  Midway through, there is a (nearly) implausible turn of events that happen to both young women at almost exactly the same time, which I didn’t love, but I was able to look past.  This is a great read for someone who enjoys contemporary female stories, fairly light in tone, with the right amount of romance and dreamy landscape setting the scene.

Karen recommends "Judicial Deceit: tyranny & unnecessary secrecy at the Michigan Supreme Court"

Retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice, Elizabeth Weaver, and co-author David Schock reveal the inner workings of the Michigan Supreme Court based on their far-reaching study of public and not-so public documents.  Justice Weaver’s experiences, internal documents, e-mails, recorded conversations, court records, interviews, and media reports are the sources for this well-researched revelation.  She exposes bullying schemes, “dark money” and gifts.

The “dark money” of the judicial election process contributes to the secrecy and politics of the Michigan Supreme Court with its tyranny, and deceit affecting all Michigan residents whether they are litigants or not.

Perjury, a gun-carrying justice, a pot smoking judge, as well as concealments by the Attorney Grievance and Judicial Tenure Commissions are just some of the under the radar issues exposed.

Justice Weaver refused the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society’s gift of gold rings to the justices, noting that the Society is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) entity, whose board is composed primarily of attorneys.

This tome includes 2 well-reasoned appendices. The first is Justice Weaver’s 7-point plan for reform of the judicial selection process; and the second is Justice Weaver’s “Ten Principles for Living – Fundamental Tenets of Responsible Behavior” which includes her motto:  Do right and fear not.

This is an eye-opener about what should be the most well-defined branch of government.  In Justice Weaver’s words, “We offer this chronicle of corruption at Michigan’s high court, an especially sad chapter in this state’s history.”

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jamie recommends "Midnight Crossroad"

Midnight crossroad

The latest from Charlaine Harris blends her love of vampires, witches and the bizarre in a fun, summer read.  If you enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Mysteries series, this is in the same vein.  It follows the story of sometimes psychic Manfred as he moves to the tiny town of Midnight, Texas.  A murder occurs and the cast of characters must figure out who did it before the local pawn shop owner is arrested for the death of his girlfriend.  If you're looking for a good beach-read that combines some paranormal elements, this is a solid choice.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jeannie Recommends "Girls and their Horses"

A great American Girl book. Age 8 and older.

Jeannie Recommends "Brothers Forever"

True story of two men who laid down their lives for America; their friendship, courage and families. A new Adult biography.

Jeannie recommends "Fearless"

This biography is the best I’ve read! I feel lucky to have gotten to know Adam Brown through this book. An Adult recommendation.