Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Annie recommends "Killers of the Flower Moon"

An eye-opening expose of the horrors that befell the Osage tribe of Oklahoma.   This three-part story starts with the murders of the Osage then leads into the involvement of the FBI during the early days of the Bureau.  In the last part, the author relates his story in writing the book, as well as updates of some of the members of the tribe.  In the 1870’s the Osage tribe was forced from their land into what is now northeast Oklahoma, on what was thought to be un-useable land.  The Osage wisely negotiated headrights to the land, which gave them the rights to any underground mineral/gas/oil discoveries.  The big surprise came when oil was discovered and they became wealthier than anyone could imagine.  And, in a tale as old as time, greed corrupts and local whites felt wronged that the Osage had money and they didn’t.  This is a sad and important chapter in our history that is probably not known outside of northeast Oklahoma.  A compelling read for lovers of history and true crime stories.

Recommended for adults.

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